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Will Derek Hennig make it big?

Derek Hennig, Class of 2017, is representing the Southern College of Optometry (SCO) for OSB 25! His hometown is Charleston, Illinois. Derek participates in all kinds of athletics like hiking, biking, and fishing. He also enjoys listening to music and going to Bible study. He says “My fun fact is that I played in a Christian band for three years during undergrad and recorded two albums!” Derek’s goal is to live a Christ-centered life, letting Him guide and control his marriage, family life, patient care, and optometric goals.

Student Bowl sets stylish sights on Sunglass record

Sunglasses and the Varilux Optometry Student Bowl — a winning combination and a strong contender for a Guinness World Record.

Optometry Cares®-The AOA Foundation, The Vision Council, The American Optometric Student Association and Essilor of America are aiming to make history at this year’s Optometry’s Meeting® in Seattle, Washington, by breaking a Guinness World Record™ for “the most people wearing sunglasses in the dark.” The event will be held Thursday, June 25, during the 24th Annual Varilux® Optometry Student Bowl™.

“We are holding this event, in part, to celebrate ‘National Sunglasses Day,’ June 27, and to bring awareness to the dangers of UV light on the visual system,” said Mike Daley, CEO of The Vision Council and board member of Optometry Cares.

So grab a friend, pick up a pair of sunglasses and help raise awareness for the importance of eye and vision care!

The Legend of OSB: Past and Present Winners!


David Zimmerman (UAB) & Blake Dornstauder (NOVA) tied for first place at the 2013 OSB in San Diego!

We would like to recognize the past winners of the Varilux® Optometry Student Bowl™. Every year, each optometry school sends in their finest student to test their knowledge, speed, and nerves against each other, the distinguished judges, and hundreds of screaming fans! The contestants may have undergone extensive training, studying, and simulations to prepare for such a feat. The winner brings home bragging rights for their entire school! So bring your school spirit to OSB and make your contestant a part of this legend!

Ron Sayers 1992 OSU College of Optometry Chicago
Shane Laster 1993 NSU College of Optometry St. Louis
Shane Laster 1994 NSU College of Optometry Newport Beach
Andy Feltz 1995 OSU College of Optometry Memphis
David Leonard 1996 SCCO Southern California College of Optometry Portland
Gregg Steele 1997 UAB College of Optometry Birmingham
Jason Miller 1998 OSU College of Optometry Houston
Robert Rhodes 1999 NOVA College of Optometry Ft. Lauderdale
William Witt 2000 NSU College of Optometry New York
Bill Barnes 2001 PCO Pennsylvania College of Optometry St. Louis
Bradley N. Hines 2002 UAB College of Optometry Philadelphia
Michael Monson 2003 SCO Southern College of Optometry San Diego
Kari Burchett 2004 SCO Southern College of Optometry Orlando
Shawn Beilby 2005 SCO Southern College of Optometry Dallas
Marisa Chung 2006 UCB University of Berkeley Las Vegas
Hanish Patel 2007 SUNY State University New York Boston
Brian Snydsman 2008 UCB University of Berkeley Seattle
Aarlan Aceto 2009 NECO New England College of Optometry Washington, DC
Andrew Treece 2010 UAB College of Optometry Orlando
Ian McWherter 2011 PCO Pennsylvania College of Optometry Salt Lake City
Karen Lee 2012 IU Indiana University College of Optometry Chicago
David Zimmerman (UAB) Blake Dornstauder (NOVA) 2013 TIE – UAB, NOVA San Diego
Students supporting their school's contestant!

Students supporting their school’s contestant!


The OSB Judges!