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NECO’s Fernando: Will His Lifting Skills Win Him the Trophy?


Meet Fernando Elias ’18 from Miami, Florida representing New England College of Optometry (NECO) at the OSB.

Hobbies: lifting things up and putting them back down.

Fun Fact: He once competed in an Oscar Meyer wiener singing commercial.

Goals: Make it through 4th year

Will Fernando sing the Oscar Meyer wiener song for us? Come out to the OSB TOMORROW at 7:30pm to find out!


MCPHS: Michael’s Always in the Zone..but Never the “Fran”zone


Meet Michael Franzone ’18 from Hillsboro, OR representing Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS). He enjoys hiking, camping, basketball (Portland Trailblazers are his fav), and spending time with his wife and cat.

His goal is to run a successful private practice in Washington State and own a cabin in the woods with lots of dogs. If he didn’t do optometry, he would want to be a mailman.

Come out and support Michael!

NOVA’s Ellen is Snapchatting Her Way Thru the OSB

Ellen Bimage1utts ’18 is from Hopewell, PA and will be representing NOVA at the OSB.

Her hobbies include traveling, brunching, and making Snapchat masterpieces. She loves Halloween, mostly because she loves candy and she takes pride in her costume making skills. Needless to say, she’s pretty pumped about wearing costumes to the OSB.

She hopes to complete a residency in Cornea and Contact Lenses, move closer to her family, open a practice, and welcome a Savannah cat into her family.
Come out Thursday night and Snapchat the OSB event with the Snapchat Queen herself!image2

IU’s Sean is Going to Catch ‘Em All


road trip selfie

Meet Indiana University School of Optometry’s (IU) contestant, Sean Stille ’18 from Elmwood, NE.

Sean comes from a big family – he’s kid #4 out of 6! He loves to play golf, watch Husker football, play video games and board games, and hang out with his wife Miranda and their cat, Lola.

His goal is to be the very best, like no one ever was (we love the reference). He wants to work in a multi-doctor private practice, and eventually do a mission trip or volunteer at a city mission clinic.

Come out this Thursday to watch Sean catch ’em all!




UAB’s Amy Cheers Her Way to the OSB

Amy Henderson ’18 from Oxford, Alabama is representing the University of Alabama School of Optometry (UAB). Her hobbies include going to the farmer’s market, scuba diving, and trying new foods.

Her fun facts prove she is very active:


  1. She biked 500 miles across Spain last summer with her dad.
  2. She enjoys going on night dives when scuba diving.
  3. She was a cheerleader for Auburn University for three years.

Amy has multiple goals:

  1. To use the education and skills that she has acquired for mission trips around the world.
  2. To establish herself in a community as an optometrist and make a difference in that community.
  3. To check off everything on her bucket list.

Amy, let us do the cheering for you this time. Welcome to the OSB!

UM: He Buzzes in at MAX Speed

#BattleoftheTrustees continues!

Say hello to Maxime Paré ’18 from Université de Montréal (UM). This French-speaking Canadian was born in Gaspé, Québec with one goal in mind: to win the Optometry Student Bowl.
19359194_10213279707411423_1325349413_oWhen Maxime was younger, he wanted to become an airplane pilot. Unfortunately, his esotropia prevented him from doing so. He began researching about esotropia and optometry in general, which eventually led to enrollment in optometry school.

When he’s not studying, Maxime enjoys skiing, fishing, and horseback riding.

Although his AOSA Trustee term has ended, he’s still involved with legislative optometry by acting as Vice President of the UM Student Association.

Please give Maxime a warm welcome to the OSB!

KYCO: Can You Handle the Heath?


Sarah Heath ’20 from Chester, West Virginia is representing Kentucky College of Optometry (KYCO) at the OSB.

Her hobbies include working out, hiking, petting dogs, and cooking.

Fun Facts: she used to compete in Brazilian JiuJitsu, married to her sweetheart for three years, and has a dog named Champ.

Her goal is to make it through optometry school in one piece (we hear ya..) and work in private practice.

Cheer on Sarah at this Thursday’s OSB!

UW’s Georgia Lynne For the Win!

Meet the University of Waterloo School of Optometry’s (UW) contestant, Georgia Lynne Pankhurst ’18 from Oshawa, Ontario.

Georgia enjoys competitive sports, such as rock climbing, wine-drinking, and board-gaming. Aside from becoming an optometrist, she secretly wishes she could be a sommelier (wine steward).

Her goal at the OSB is to have fun; we have no doubt that she will obtain her goal.

Come cheer her on at the OSB!



Kenny Tran: Will this UCB Champ TRANsform into the OSB Champ?

Today’s featured OSB contestant will be representing University of California, Berkeley (UCB): former AOSA Trustee, Kenny Tran ’18 from Rosemead, CA.


Kenny is a man with many talents: he is a great cook, intelligent, and very passionate about our profession. He loves trying new food and recipes; he would love to be a chef or bartender if he had time for a second career. Kenny claims, “The only thing better than eating good food is making it yourself.” Besides cooking, he likes to spend his spare time sharing his knowledge with other students via tutoring and watching fun shows like Futurama and Rick and Morty.

When asked how it feels to “retire” from the role of AOSA Trustee, Kenny states it’s just a title change:

“I believe that we have to hold ourselves accountable for improving the future of our profession. It’s exciting to see what the future of AOSA holds with the current team.”

After graduation, Kenny hopes to be part of a thriving group practice with his classmates in sunny southern California with a focus on Pediatrics or Binocular Vision. To add to that, he is considering obtaining a teaching position as well. What a well rounded guy!

Will Kenny TRANsform into the OSB Champ? Join us June 22 to find out!K1


Ready to Get’cha Head in the Game?

Ramya is! St. Louis native Ramya Natarajan ’18 will be representing the University of Missouri St. Louis College of Optometry (UMSL)umsl_17.

At UMSL, Ramya was very involved. She served as the Vice President for SVOSH, Vice President of NOSA, BSK Treasurer, and AOSA Historian.

Aside from optometry school, she enjoys traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. Her goals include completing a residency after graduation and teaching at an optometry school.umsl_17b

Fun Fact: Her friends probably have made the most amount of nicknames using her name. What are they? You’ll have to hear them at OSB XXVI on Thursday, June 22nd to find out!