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UM: He Buzzes in at MAX Speed

#BattleoftheTrustees continues!

Say hello to Maxime Paré ’18 from Université de Montréal (UM). This French-speaking Canadian was born in Gaspé, Québec with one goal in mind: to win the Optometry Student Bowl.
19359194_10213279707411423_1325349413_oWhen Maxime was younger, he wanted to become an airplane pilot. Unfortunately, his esotropia prevented him from doing so. He began researching about esotropia and optometry in general, which eventually led to enrollment in optometry school.

When he’s not studying, Maxime enjoys skiing, fishing, and horseback riding.

Although his AOSA Trustee term has ended, he’s still involved with legislative optometry by acting as Vice President of the UM Student Association.

Please give Maxime a warm welcome to the OSB!

Kenny Tran: Will this UCB Champ TRANsform into the OSB Champ?

Today’s featured OSB contestant will be representing University of California, Berkeley (UCB): former AOSA Trustee, Kenny Tran ’18 from Rosemead, CA.


Kenny is a man with many talents: he is a great cook, intelligent, and very passionate about our profession. He loves trying new food and recipes; he would love to be a chef or bartender if he had time for a second career. Kenny claims, “The only thing better than eating good food is making it yourself.” Besides cooking, he likes to spend his spare time sharing his knowledge with other students via tutoring and watching fun shows like Futurama and Rick and Morty.

When asked how it feels to “retire” from the role of AOSA Trustee, Kenny states it’s just a title change:

“I believe that we have to hold ourselves accountable for improving the future of our profession. It’s exciting to see what the future of AOSA holds with the current team.”

After graduation, Kenny hopes to be part of a thriving group practice with his classmates in sunny southern California with a focus on Pediatrics or Binocular Vision. To add to that, he is considering obtaining a teaching position as well. What a well rounded guy!

Will Kenny TRANsform into the OSB Champ? Join us June 22 to find out!K1


Keep Calm and Kallie On

Part Two of #BattleoftheTrustees

The lovely Kallie Kappes (’18) from Elko, Nevada will be representing Southern California College of Optometry – Marshall B. Ketchum University (SCCO) at the OSB.
Kallie had an accomodative esotropia as a kid, which may have contributed to her interest in optometry. Prior to becoming the SCCO student bowl champ, she was the 2016-2017 SCCO AOSA Trustee. Her passion for the optometry profession didn’t stop after her Trustee term was over; she hopes to become even more involved with her state association upon graduation. Way to go Kallie!

Her other goals include winning the student bowl, completing a residency, and adopting a puppy.

When Kallie is not out fighting for our profession, she likes to cook, run, go to the beach, and eat M&M’s (her favorite candy).

In the meantime, she claims to be part of a rigorous student bowl training program so watch out contestants!

Keep calm and Kallie on, SCCO…Kallie has you covered at the OSB.

This Just In: Judson Represents NSUOCO at OSB

Judson_funnyPart One of #BattleoftheTrustees

Did you know there’s a few former AOSA Trustees participating in OSB XXVI?

Meet Judson Chevalier, Class of 2018 opto-student and the 2016-2017 AOSA Trustee at Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry. Originally from the Lone Star state, Coahoma, TX to be exact, Judson has goals of staying in Oklahoma to open up a private practice (Texas will miss you!).

To furtherIMG_0422_2 prove his love for optometry, he married a fellow lover of optometry/classmate, Caitlin, named his dog Henle, as in “Henle Nerve Fiber Layer,” and wants to continue organizing annual optometric mission trips to orphanages in Mexico.
When Judson isn’t out saving eyeballs, he loves to hunt, fish and play golf.

Please welcome Judson to the OSB!