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The Spirit Award is a special award that is given each year to the school who is most energetic, most polite, AND supportive! You don’t have to be the school with the largest crowd to win the Spirit Award, because the judges are looking out for the school that can creative a positive impact at the Varilux® Optometry Student Bowl™ even if their numbers are small! The school who wins the Spirit Award has the honor of creating the upcoming year’s “Student Bowl Rules” video, where it is shown to all the students! The school may choose to add their artistic interpretation in the form of theater, song, and dance or surprise us with something ingenious! Regardless, they are a treat to watch! Please enjoy the collection of “Rules” video below!

More videos can be found here:

Varilux OSB Rules 2016 – Pacific University College of Optometry

Varilux OSB Rules 2015 – MCPHS University

Varilux OSB Rules 2014 –

Varilux OSB Rules 2013

Varilux OSB Rules 2012

Varilux OSB Rules 2011

Varilux OSB Rules 2010

Varilux OSB Rules 2009

Varilux OSB Rules 2008

Varilux OSB Rules 2007

Varilux OSB Rules 2005

Varilux OSB Rules 2004

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