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UMSL’s Rules Video – It’s the One That You Want!

Congratulations to NSUOCO’s David Hurd!!!

Thank you to everyone who experienced the Essilor Optometry Student Bowl with us last night! Congratulations to David Hurd and NSUOCO for taking home the Ventura Cup! Congrats also to SCCO who won the T-shirt award and the Spirit Award. Thank you to all the schools who participated in the Virtual Spirit Award; KYCO, NSUOCO, SCCO, and Houston received front row seats at the event! We are excited to start planning for next year!

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See you all in St.Louis!

Meet the Contestants: SCO’s Chado will win it by a beard!

My name is Brian Chado. I am a 4th year student at the Southern College of Optometry. A little about me, I am from Frederick, MD and love anything outdoors. I like to go rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and traveling! I am excited for the Student bowl, AOA meeting and to see Denver! 

Meet the Contestants: A Salute to Berkeley’s Fiona Yuan

Hi! My name is Fiona Yuan and I’m a Bay Area native. I’m a 4th year at UC Berkeley School of Optometry and this is my first year attending Optometry’s Meeting.

Fun facts: I will be entering the Army after graduation. You’ll never see me wearing jeans ever. I once won a car in a raffle when I was 10 years old but they refused to give the car to me because I was under 18. I suffer from RBF but I’m actually pretty nice.

Superpowers: Spotting random shibas on the street. Petting other people’s dogs. Winning prizes in raffles.

Hoosier Contestant? Ali Norton from IU!

I’m a born and raised Hoosier who loves to spend time with my family and my perfect goldendoodle whenever I’m not busy studying. Fun fact, I was the varsity kicker for my high school football team.

Distinguished Judges are ready to rule!

Look who’s coming to Denver!

Meet the Contestants: UHCO’s Bui plans to dance to victory!

  • Name: Sandra Bui
  • Class Year: 2019
  • School: University of Houston College of Optometry
  • Hometown: Houston, Texas
  • School involvement: Former AOSA Trustee, NOSA President and Vice President, Noteservice Coordinator, OptoPrep Representative, Clinic Open Lab Coordinator.
  • Featured as the “January 2017 Student in Focus” for
  • I enjoy karaoke and dancing (bad at both, but always a good time. Catch me on the dance floor at OM!)
  • I absolutely love chocolate and steak. I usually have chocolate on me to munch on (wish I can say the same about steak). I always tell my classmates to find me if they ever need a chocolate pick-me-up 😊
  • Bunnies are my favorite animal, but love all animals – fiance and I have a Great Dane who weighs more than me!
  • Getting married to my high school sweetheart next year (2019 is our 10 year anniversary), and my Maid of Honor is also a 2019 optometry student that I’ve known since middle school
  • Hope to stay in Houston, work in a private practice setting, give back to the community when time permits, and continue developing lifelong friendships at optometry conferences like OM.
  • Can’t wait for the OSB!! Win or lose, I know we will all have a fantastic time.

Meet the Contestants: AZCOPT’s Jessica Ruxton scoping a win!

I was a collegiate athlete in precision target shooting. Go Wolf Pack!  

I love to hike and spend time with friends and family.

My favorite food is nachos.

Meet the Contestants: Waterloo’s Morgan Jackson speaks the language of OSB victory

I am an Island girl from Victoria, BC, Canada. I grew up riding motorcycles and playing softball on Canada’s West Coast. Now, I attend the University of Waterloo’s School of Optometry, I rock climb, go for runs and hikes with my husky, and I’m getting married to my best friend in August. I love dill pickles and the Lord of the Rings and if I had a superpower it would be to speak every language in the world. I’m 5.3″ but I like to think I’m taller and I’m travelling to Senegal, West Africa in July.