Taylor is Ready to Suit Up for OSB

Today’s featured OSB contestant is another Canadian: introducing Taylor Harris from Calgary, Alberta. Taylor is a Class of 2018 optometry student at the Illinois College of Optometr15110351_10207630837992416_6450985098748196751_oy (ICO).

His major goal is to own a private specialty contact lens clinic one day. In his free time, he likes to do fun outdoor things like rock climbing and biking. He even climbed a mountain in a suit once! Sounds like he took Barney Stinson’s advice to “Suit Up!” for all occasions pretty seriously.

WEST COAST PREMIERE OF 'CHICKEN'Some of us also think he kind of resembles a young Macaulay Culkin (pictured on the right), which is pretty cool.

Please get your cheer on (and suit up) for Taylor!

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