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Matt’s Ready to Make MCO Repeat Champs

IMG_1891Today’s featured OSB contestant is Michigan College of Optometry (MCO)’s Matt Austin ’18.

Matt is from Mishawaka, Indiana and hopes to practice in Indiana (or a surrounding state). When he’s not studying, Matt’s hobbies include playing baseball and video games (especially Super Smash Bros. – great classic). His love for baseball is evident: he would coach baseball as a second career if time permits and had to fight back tears when the Cubs won the World Series. Random baseball side note..he would never ever root for the NY Yankees.

His goal is to make MCO repeat champs. Please come out and support Matt!

Smooth Hands D’Aversa is Ready to Buzz In

Meet SUNY College of Optometry’s OSB contestant, Jerry D’Aversa ’18 from Garden City, NY.

This rock star loves shredding the guitar at the 18197525_10209705986750687_949326859_nHard Rock Times Square when he’s not busy studying optometry. Not only is he an actual rock star, he’s a rock star in clinic too! His classmates coined him the name “Smooth hands D’Aversa” for his 10/10 gonioscopy skills.

Groomed at a young age for the world of eye care, he hopes to treat the great people of New York while still having time to travel the world.

Maybe Jerry will play some tunes for us at the OSB. Come out and support him!



Jonathan is Ready to Take Home the CHENpionship

Howdy y’all,

Today we travel back to Texas to meet our University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) contestant, Jonathan Chen ’18 from the Peach State (Dunwoody, GA).


J. Chen being a Texan. Just missing some cowboy boots.

Jonathan is one of the most involved students at UHCO. His involvement includes serving as the former SVOSH President, NOSA Treasurer, NOSA National Political Insight Committee member, COVD local liaison, and Secretary of the Houston Global Health Collaborative (HGHC) Grants Steering Committee.

In his free time, he likes to play tennis and badminton, try different foods (he really likes food – he wouldn’t mind becoming a food vlogger as a second career), photography, and board games.

His goal is to catch them all! This includes owning a private practice in a suburban area and becoming involved with a non-profit sector.

Fun Fact: He’s left-handed, but writes with his right hand…does that mean he will buzz-in with his left or right hand? Come out to OSB XXVI on Thursday, June 22 to find out.



Superhero J. Chen saving vision, one eyeball at a time.

Let’s cheer for Jonathan as he competes for the CHENpionship!





Keep Calm and Kallie On

Part Two of #BattleoftheTrustees

The lovely Kallie Kappes (’18) from Elko, Nevada will be representing Southern California College of Optometry – Marshall B. Ketchum University (SCCO) at the OSB.
Kallie had an accomodative esotropia as a kid, which may have contributed to her interest in optometry. Prior to becoming the SCCO student bowl champ, she was the 2016-2017 SCCO AOSA Trustee. Her passion for the optometry profession didn’t stop after her Trustee term was over; she hopes to become even more involved with her state association upon graduation. Way to go Kallie!

Her other goals include winning the student bowl, completing a residency, and adopting a puppy.

When Kallie is not out fighting for our profession, she likes to cook, run, go to the beach, and eat M&M’s (her favorite candy).

In the meantime, she claims to be part of a rigorous student bowl training program so watch out contestants!

Keep calm and Kallie on, SCCO…Kallie has you covered at the OSB.

BD is in it to Nguyen it

Meet BD Nguyen from Spring, TX. She currently attends IMG_9097.JPGUniversity of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry (UIWRSO) as part of the class of 2018.

BD is super fashionable: she was voted by her classmates as “most likely to have the fanciest practice,” and she would gladly become a personal shopper/stylist as a side job to optometry (if time ever permits, of course).

When not studying and being fashionable, BD likes to travel, try different cuisines, and watch her favorite shows (i.e., Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and How to Get Away with Murder).

After graduation, BD wants to open up her own private practice in the Dallas, TX area, specializing in VT and Primary Care. We have no doubt it will be the most glamorous office out there!

BD Nguyen for the Win, everyone!

Taylor is Ready to Suit Up for OSB

Today’s featured OSB contestant is another Canadian: introducing Taylor Harris from Calgary, Alberta. Taylor is a Class of 2018 optometry student at the Illinois College of Optometr15110351_10207630837992416_6450985098748196751_oy (ICO).

His major goal is to own a private specialty contact lens clinic one day. In his free time, he likes to do fun outdoor things like rock climbing and biking. He even climbed a mountain in a suit once! Sounds like he took Barney Stinson’s advice to “Suit Up!” for all occasions pretty seriously.

WEST COAST PREMIERE OF 'CHICKEN'Some of us also think he kind of resembles a young Macaulay Culkin (pictured on the right), which is pretty cool.

Please get your cheer on (and suit up) for Taylor!

This Just In: Judson Represents NSUOCO at OSB

Judson_funnyPart One of #BattleoftheTrustees

Did you know there’s a few former AOSA Trustees participating in OSB XXVI?

Meet Judson Chevalier, Class of 2018 opto-student and the 2016-2017 AOSA Trustee at Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry. Originally from the Lone Star state, Coahoma, TX to be exact, Judson has goals of staying in Oklahoma to open up a private practice (Texas will miss you!).

To furtherIMG_0422_2 prove his love for optometry, he married a fellow lover of optometry/classmate, Caitlin, named his dog Henle, as in “Henle Nerve Fiber Layer,” and wants to continue organizing annual optometric mission trips to orphanages in Mexico.
When Judson isn’t out saving eyeballs, he loves to hunt, fish and play golf.

Please welcome Judson to the OSB!