Courtney takes the bite at OSB!

12787_10152574449489234_988016406104802169_nMeet Courtney Stuck from The New England College of Optometry (NECO), Class of 2017. Courtney’s hometown is in South Bend, Indiana. Her hobbies include building overly elaborate Halloween costumes, making perfectly-executed Chewbacca noises and drinking orange mocha frappuccinos with her male model friends! Courtney’s really good at eating competitions, she says “I beat 9 other men at a pie-eating contest by eating almost 2 entire 5 pound pies in under 5 minutes and to quote my inspiration, Ron Swanson “Why is everyone else so bad at eating?” Her goal is to make her mom proud by winning OSB 2016 and successfully graduate next year as a passionate optometrist who can finally have an entire personal pizza delivered and when it arrives gently whisper “Ahhh, just what the doctor ordered.” Come cheer on Courtney at OSB!




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