Lili-Anh from Montréal is ready to Win!

 Lili-Anh Le MinhLili-Anh Le Minh is the OSB contestant  from the University of Montreal – School of Optometry (UM), class of 2017! Her hometown is in San Jose, California, but lived most of her life in Montreal. Her fun fact is that she is multilingual. Lili-Anh says “I’m trilingual (Vietnamese is my first language) and my dad’s second language is French whereas my mom’s is English. Therefore, as far back as I can remember, I’ve spoken Fran-Viet with my dad and Viet-glish with my mom, with a lot of Fran-Viet-glish mixes over the years as well. I’m most comfortable when I can speak Franglish with people around me because it’s more efficient for me than to simply think in one language.” Her hobbies are drawing, rewatching or rereading Harry Potter (“always”), and interviewing bands for an online magazine Her goal: stay sane until graduation! Please cheer her on at the 25th annual OSB!!!

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