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Meet the OSB Judges 2014!


Meet the Contestants!



What’s the Buzz with Nolan?

nolan1Daniel Nolan grew up in Western Canada (Alberta) not too far from the rocky mountains.  Before he was an optometry student, Nolan was a beekeeper.  He used to do a lot of skiing, and loves the outdoors, camping, etc.  Nolan still enjoys road trips around the US  and overseas, whenever possible.

School keeps him busy, but he tries to keep active, catch shows on the weekend with friends and head to the beach when it gets hot!  Nolan has been studying Spanish for the past few years, which he practices in the UHCO clinic.  Nolan has been involved in UHCO’s SVOSH, where they were down in Mexico this past year.


I’m looking foreword to coming to Philly and being in the quiz bowl! I’ve never been to a national meeting and I’m looking foreword to talking to students from around the nation.

Putting on the Show!

With only a few weeks left, the trustees and students from each school concoct the recipes for a fantastic OSB 2014 by adding T-shirts, hats, props, flags, noisemakers, body paint, etc… to their carts. Why do optometry students go all out, you may ask? The ever growing Varilux® Optometry Student Bowl™ has really come a long way in expressing their regards since the 1992 “Optometry Super Bowl,” and so did the optometry students!

Take this spiffy picture for example. Although the judges and emcees have maintained their attire, clearly the contestants have picked the flashy route.

1992 photo



Trending now – each school (or contestant) picks a theme for the year and soon after the recipe for creative outlets boil. With the clear purpose to win, each school flaunts their thematic gear at OSB to raise up their contestant, each student screams louder to cheer on their rep. The stakes are high for the ones competing and with such fierce competition, this friendly sport’s mentality cannot be negated. “Why do optometry students go all out?” is a question that can be answered by so many different voices. However one thing remains constant, having fun is the undeniable tradition. So please share your theme for this year (unless it’s a secret of course).