Tell me about Trent!

trent sco

Trent Gaasch, Southern College of Optometry

If there was an OSB “Foodie” Award, Trent would be the Grand Champ! His Love for Food is Unbeatable! Fast food is slow compared to Trent’s ability to eat FOOD FAST!
Trent has…
  • Eaten every piece of cheesecake on The Cheesecake Factory menu (twice)
  • Ate 100 wings at Hooters in a local challenge!
  • Finished the Blazing Wings challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings in 45 seconds (That’s 12 Ghost pepper wings in 45 seconds)
  • Got locked in a Dairy Queen freezer for 30 minutes, where he ate 2 tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough and Cheese Quake mix to prevent hypothermia. Not to our surprise, that was his first and last fast food work experience.

So how does Trent keep his mind and body healthy?

Trent enjoys running. One day in a 10K run, Trent got stung by a bumble bee in the uvula, and found out that he was allergic to bees! However, that did not stop him! Trent still loves to run, play in volleyball tournaments, and practice his swings with good game of tennis.
Trent is also a world traveler who studied abroad in Russia in undergrad, lived in 12 different states, and visited all of 48 contiguous United States! Current, Trent is in the 3 year HPSP Army Scholarship.
Congrats Trent on qualifying for OSB 2014! We have told you about Trent! Please come cheer for Him at Philly!

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