Quiz Bowl RSO-Style

On Wednesday March 5th, Raelyn Ottenbreit, UIWRSO AOSA  2013-14 Trustee, Denisse Lopez, 2014-15 Trustee, and Reid Cluff, Trustee-elect, hosted the mini-quiz bowl AKA Qualifying Round to see which student has what it takes to compete in the OSB 2014! The winner of this mini-bowl will receive:

1) $500.00 travel grant
2) The prestige to represent RSO in Philly
3) Forever be remembered as the 2014 RSO Quiz Bowl winner!!

The Faculty Judges:

Dr. Buzzelli, Dean
Dr. Rabin
Dr. Trevino
Dr. Majcher


The  Contestants:

Representing Class of 2015:
Joseph Allen

Representing Class of 2016:
Melanie Kane
Samantha Bohl

Representing Class of 2017:
Amy Cuevas
Sheyda Durig

Our emcee for this mini-quiz bowl is QuizMaster, Dr. Narayanan! Dr. N is the faculty adviser for AOSA and he competed in OSB in 2006!

(See Elvis run (Dr. N) from 2:10 to 2:15 seconds)

It was a evening of laughter, suspense, and fun! the RSO Qualifying round followed the official  OSB rules and scoring system. However there can only be one winner and Joseph Allen emerged victorious! Congrats to Tim the Enchanger” (Joey) and his Rabbit of Caerbannog!

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