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a Tribute to Korab!


OSB would like to introduce this year’s unforgettable contestant – Korab Spahiu!

Place of Origin: Waterbury, CT.

District: MCPHS University

Here’s an mini-autobio from Korab:

When I’m not phoropting and diagnosing I can be found snowboarding, reading, cooking or sharpening my sword for the next opponent. I will be graduating in 2016 and in that time I will learn how to open my own practice in my hometown and eventually internationally. I’m going to win because I am going to spend the next couple months honing my skills to near superhuman levels. I am fearless and will prove that my school and I are a district worthy of recognition. NO ONE wants to win more than I, so they had better prepare. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Andrew Steele: OSB’s next big Deal?

andrew steeleFrom Western Kentucky, Andrew Steele is a 4th year student at The Ohio State University College of Optometry. You may recognize him from his service as OSU’s Trustee and the AOA PAC national liaison for 2013. When he is not interfering with death and saving vision, Andrew enjoys time with his two strapping young lads and smokin’ wife. This Portuguese-speaking buckeye also finds pleasure in Brazilian churrascarias, crystal light packets, Sharpie pens and casually working into conversation that he knows every state nickname. He has made it his mission to convince all cat owners they’re going to contract toxoplasmosis. Andrew’s love for amassing thousands in student loan debt, caring for two toddlers alongside his graduate-student wife, and taking five tests per week resulted in a feat usually reserved for the most seasoned individuals. A Zoster outbreak during first year finals left him isolated and avoided by classmates who thought he had leprosy. But Andrew rose from the crusty ashes of shingles and became involved with AOSA, AOA PAC, Beta Sigma Kappa and The Gold Key Honor Society. He looks forward to competing in optometry’s best event in The Keystone State!

Meet NOVA’s Attila Tamas

atAttila Tamas is an Hungarian Canadian 4th year optometry student from Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry (NOVA).
On his free time he likes to eat good food, go to the beach and enjoy a few drinks with friends or just relax on the beach, BBQ, play video games, and learn about new technology. Attila also likes to travel to exotic places during vacation times. In addition, he enjoys meeting new people and helping them solve their vision problems in clinic.
Attila will be representing NOVA at the upcoming OSB! Let’s cheer him on!

Kelsey Moody is going to Philly!

kelsey moody 1

Kelsey Moody, PCO 2015

Kelsey Moody is a 4th year student at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, who just started her second optometric externship at The Eye Institute in Philadelphia.

She’s competitive by nature and loves Jeopardy. Kelsey is ready for OSB! Hear her roar: “Quiz bowl is perfect for me and I can’t wait to compete for PCO!
   Kelsey’s best memory in optometry school was going on her SOSH mission trip last August to Haiti. As Kelsey describes it,  “I went with 17 other students and 2 OD’s. We were in Cap Haitian Haiti for 1 week and saw 1,314 patients!
   Kelsey went to Florida State University for undergraduate and is a huge FSU Seminoles fan, “I am still over the moon about our recent football national championship win this year!” In addition to competing at OSB quiz bowl, Kelsey is also involved in many school related activities, including class council, SOSH, beta sigma kappa and gold key honor society.

kelsey moody

Kelsey calls her GAME FACE – “My intimidation face!”

Tell me about Trent!

trent sco

Trent Gaasch, Southern College of Optometry

If there was an OSB “Foodie” Award, Trent would be the Grand Champ! His Love for Food is Unbeatable! Fast food is slow compared to Trent’s ability to eat FOOD FAST!
Trent has…
  • Eaten every piece of cheesecake on The Cheesecake Factory menu (twice)
  • Ate 100 wings at Hooters in a local challenge!
  • Finished the Blazing Wings challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings in 45 seconds (That’s 12 Ghost pepper wings in 45 seconds)
  • Got locked in a Dairy Queen freezer for 30 minutes, where he ate 2 tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough and Cheese Quake mix to prevent hypothermia. Not to our surprise, that was his first and last fast food work experience.

So how does Trent keep his mind and body healthy?

Trent enjoys running. One day in a 10K run, Trent got stung by a bumble bee in the uvula, and found out that he was allergic to bees! However, that did not stop him! Trent still loves to run, play in volleyball tournaments, and practice his swings with good game of tennis.
Trent is also a world traveler who studied abroad in Russia in undergrad, lived in 12 different states, and visited all of 48 contiguous United States! Current, Trent is in the 3 year HPSP Army Scholarship.
Congrats Trent on qualifying for OSB 2014! We have told you about Trent! Please come cheer for Him at Philly!

Quiz Bowl RSO-Style

On Wednesday March 5th, Raelyn Ottenbreit, UIWRSO AOSA  2013-14 Trustee, Denisse Lopez, 2014-15 Trustee, and Reid Cluff, Trustee-elect, hosted the mini-quiz bowl AKA Qualifying Round to see which student has what it takes to compete in the OSB 2014! The winner of this mini-bowl will receive:

1) $500.00 travel grant
2) The prestige to represent RSO in Philly
3) Forever be remembered as the 2014 RSO Quiz Bowl winner!!

The Faculty Judges:

Dr. Buzzelli, Dean
Dr. Rabin
Dr. Trevino
Dr. Majcher


The  Contestants:

Representing Class of 2015:
Joseph Allen

Representing Class of 2016:
Melanie Kane
Samantha Bohl

Representing Class of 2017:
Amy Cuevas
Sheyda Durig

Our emcee for this mini-quiz bowl is QuizMaster, Dr. Narayanan! Dr. N is the faculty adviser for AOSA and he competed in OSB in 2006!

(See Elvis run (Dr. N) from 2:10 to 2:15 seconds)

It was a evening of laughter, suspense, and fun! the RSO Qualifying round followed the official  OSB rules and scoring system. However there can only be one winner and Joseph Allen emerged victorious! Congrats to Tim the Enchanger” (Joey) and his Rabbit of Caerbannog!